Saturday, March 24, 2012

2012 Field Events

Every year certain of the field events take considerably longer than scheduled. In order to remove the delays that have been occasioned, the way that we run the field events will be handled as follows. As we have delegated responsibility for various aspects of the meet, ACSI has assigned that oversight of the field events to Melissa Baughman of Meadowbrook. Please note the following guidelines that have been implemented for this year:

In all the middle school jumping and throwing events (except high jump), we will do flights of twelve to fourteen athletes and only three throws or jumps in each event. There will be no finals.

In all high school jumping and throwing events (except high jump), we will do flights of twelve to fourteen arranged by performances. Each athlete will have three throws or jumps. After the three throws or jumps, the top nine will be given three additional jumps or throws.

We do want to reiterate that athletes who have field events and track events at the same time will not be jeopardized by the revised handling.

We understand that different people have different ideas about how events should be handled. However, with over 800 athletes competing this year, from 42 or so schools, it is essential that we keep the field events moving if we are going to finish the meet at a reasonable time. We believe these changes will facilitate that goal being achieved. Thank you very much for your understanding and support.




Note:In addition to sending registration forms to the ACSI regional office, each team will be responsible for entering the meet online via DirectAthletics.

STEP ONE: Due April 13, 2012

Send to ACSI:

· Registration form

· $8.00 per athlete (Please note: This is a non-refundable entry fee. Your school is responsible to pay this fee for each athlete submitted on the roster forms at this time.)

· New roster forms listing all athletes who will compete. Please do not register for events at this time. Keep a copy of your original rosters in order to be able to complete Step Two.

*Every athlete competing in the meet must be registered by April 13. No changes will be permitted to substitute or add an athlete after this date. If you have any question as to whether a particular athlete may compete, you must enter that athlete by April 13, or he/she will not be permitted to compete. To make it fair to everyone, there will be no exceptions to this rule!

STEP TWO: Must be completed by May 8, 2012, at 3:00 p.m.*

*NOTE: You would be wise not to wait until the last minute to make the entries. You can enter earlier and then change your event entries until the cut-off time. If you wait until the last minute and then cannot get the entries in for whatever reason (your internet access dies, you cannot figure out how to enter, your coach forgot to give the entries to the person entering, etc.), they will not be accepted.

This process will involve logging onto, entering your team information, entering your roster (which was due in Step One above), and then entering into each event (for student athletes already registered in Step One above; no substitutes or additions will be permitted). Instructions will be provided to you at a later date in detail once the information is provided to us by DirectAthletics.


Please note that this is a standard way of entering meets, and most schools competing in the ACSI meet will have utilized this system for other meets. It is similar to the system used by the MACSA senior high meet.

This system will help us to alleviate some of the unnecessary administrative matters, such as checking the number of athletes that each school enters into a particular event, as the computer will not allow you to over-enter an event or over-enter an athlete into more than four events, etc. The good news is that this allows us to give you a later cut-off date for making event entries.