Monday, May 16, 2011

Records Updated through 5/14/2011

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New records in 2011:

High School Mens 800: Erik Johnson of Bible Baptist 2:00.26 (FAT). The existing record is hand timed with a conversion factor of 0.24. This will be recognized as FAT record.

High School Mens 110 High Hurdles: Josh Nesmith of Bible Baptist 15.09.

High School Mens High Jump: Daniel Klase of Berks Christian, 6'2" (breaking record co-held by his coach, Clarence Murray)

High School Mens Triple Jump Daniel Klase of Berks Christian 41'7.75"

Middle School Girls Discus Leah Wis of Trinity Christian 91'0"


Full 2011 Final Results

The final full 2011 ACSI Track & Field Results are now available. Click on the hyperlink for each division for those complete results.


Senior High Mens

Senior High Womens

Middle School Boys

Middle School Girls

MVPs by Division

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Registered Schools for 2011

42 Schools have signed up for the meet this year. Waiting for a breakdown as to how many will be in high school and how many in middle school or both. Click on the links to learn something about each school.

Our Sponsoring Organization:
Association of Christian Schools International
ACSI Northeast Region Office

Trinity Christian School
Abundant Life Academy
Adams County Christian Academy
Ambassador Christian Academy
Barrington Christian Academy

Berks Christian School
Bethel Prep Biblical-Classical Academy
Bethlehem Christian School
Bible Baptist School
Blair Christian Academy

Blue Mountain Christian School
City Center Academy
Columbia County Christian School
Conestoga Christian School
Cornerstone Christian School

Cumberland Christian School
Dayspring Christian Academy
Evangel Christian School
Faith Christian Academy
Faith Christian School

Hershey Christian School
Holly Grove Christian School
Lehigh Christian Academy
Lehigh Valley Christian High School
Lighthouse Christian School

Meadowbrook Christian School
Mount Airy Christian Academy
Open Door Christian Academy
Plumstead Christian School
Ringwood Christian School

Riverdale Baptist School
Robinson Township Christian School
Salisbury Christian School
Seeds of Faith Christian Academy
Spruce Hill Christian School

Tabernacle Christian Academy
The Cornerstone Christian School
The King's Academy
The King's Christian Academy
The King's Christian School

Veritas Christian Academy
West Bay Christian Academy

Saturday, January 22, 2011

2010 Top Eight in Each Division

There are the 2010 Results showing the top eight in each division. Click on the link for the results in each division:

Senior High Mens

Senior High Womens

Middle School Boys
(link corrected)

Middle School Girls

All 2010 Team Scores

2010 Middle School Girls Team Scores by Division

Middle School Girls Small Schools
(21 schools: Only schools that scored are listed)
Trinity 89
Barrington 54
Ambassador Glassboro 33
Faith PA 27.5
Open Door 25
Faith NJ 20
Robinson Twp 17
Columbia County 16.5
Ringwood 14
West Bay 10
Bethel Newark 8
Lehigh 1

Middle School Girls Large Schools
(10 schools: Only schools that scored are listed)
Riverdale 37
Meadowbrook 34
Mount Airy 28
Calvary NJ 25
Faith West Virginia 25
Cumberland 2
Lighthouse 2

2010 Middle School Boys Team Scores by Division

Middle School Boys Large Schools
(10 schools: Only schools that scored are listed)
Mount Airy 79.5
Calvary NJ 66.5
Faith West Virginia 47
Riverdale 8.5
Cumberland 7
The King’s NJ 5
Lighthouse 4

Middle School Boys Small Schools
(21 schools: Only schools that scored are listed)
Trinity 79
The King’s PA 29
West Bay 26
Berks 22
Barrington 19
Ringwood 18
Open Door 15.5
Faith NJ 9
Columbia County 6
Lehigh 6
Ambassador Glassboro 5
Robinson Twp 4.5
Adams County 3.5

2010 HS Women Team Scores by Division

High School Women Small Schools
(16 schools: Only schools that scored are listed)
Meadowbrook 131
Faith West Virginia 86
Berks 38
Columbia County 29
Trinity 20
Barrington 17
Veritas 10
Calvary Old Bridge 9
The King’s PA 4

High School Women Large Schools
(8 schools)
Timothy 114
Faith PA 61
Mount Airy 22
The King’s NJ 18
Lehigh Valley 15
The King’s Maryland 14
Cumberland 13
Evangel 9

2010 HS Men Team Scores by Division

High School Men Small Schools
(16 schools: Only schools that scored are listed)
Faith West Virginia 100
Trinity 77
Berks 63
Meadowbrook 53
Columbia County 29
Adams County 13
Veritas 13
Blue Mountain 11
Barrington 7
Dayspring 2

High School Men Large Schools
(8 schools)
Faith PA 75
The King’s Maryland 71
Mount Airy 51
Timothy 25
Cumberland 14
Lehigh Valley 14
Evangel 4
The King’s NJ 2