Monday, May 10, 2010

2010 MVPs

The following were the 2010 ACSI MVPs, determined by the most points scored in the meet. If an athlete participates in a relay, the athlete is credited with 1/4 of the points won by that relay team.

High School Men
Large School MVP: Thomas Cosanzo of Faith (PA): 40 points
Small School MVP: Terel Roman of Faith (WV): 30.5 points

High School Women
Large School MVP: Alyssa Figueroa of Timothy: 40 points
Small School MVP: Nicole Deneseus of Faith (WV): 23.5 points

Middle School Boys
Large School MVP: Anthony Barefield of Calvary: 27.5 points
Small School MVP: Daletyn Harris of Trinity: 32 points

Middle School Girls
Large School MVP: Madison Burrows of Meadowbrook: 22 points
Small School MVP: Sabrina Burrell of Ambassador: 29 points

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